10 Best Side Dishes For Ham: Updated January 2023

Large hams that have been glazed are a reliable choice for any holiday meal, but they are particularly appropriate for Easter dinner and Sunday supper. However, in order to enjoy a complete lunch, you will also need to order some sides. Because of this, we have gathered together a wonderful assortment of ham accompaniments in this collection. Your choice of ham meal can be complemented by any one of these mouthwatering suggestions, which range from dishes for a crispy veggie side to those that are sure to please a crowd.

1. Fluffy Potato Rolls

Fluffy Potato Rolls | Side Dishes For Ham
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The addition of potato flour gives potato rolls a sweeter flavor and makes them fluffier and softer than regular white rolls. Potato rolls are traditionally made by Pennsylvania Dutch bakers. Potato flour is made by grinding dried potatoes into flakes or granules, depending on the desired texture.

Do you still have any cooked potatoes in the house? It goes without saying that you should remove the contents, mash them, and use them to make dinner rolls. Each roll, which is still hot from the oven, has a crust made of butter and an interior that is surprisingly soft. What’s the catch? Because of the starch found in potatoes!

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2. Garlic Smashed Potatoes

Garlic Smashed Potatoes | Side Dishes for Ham

Starchier potatoes are perfect for foods like french fries, but they won’t hold up well in this dish because of the other ingredients. In terms of textural variety, Yukon golds are ideal because they are able to crisp up beautifully while also being buttery delicate. This provides the best of both worlds in terms of potato varieties.

Because of the emphasis placed on the method, these side dishes for ham accompaniment can take on any flavor profile that you choose. The topping options include bacon and cheddar cheese, ranch seasoning, or BRIE, all of which would be delicious.

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3. Roasting cauliflower

Roasting cauliflower | Side Dishesh for Ham
Photo: natashaskitchen.com

Because it takes on the flavor of whatever you choose to season it with when roasting, cauliflower may end up becoming one of your go-to veggies for this cooking method. You have the option of going all out with a unique spice blend or keeping it simple by just using salt and pepper.

Roasting the cauliflower in the oven is a simple and delicious method. After being caramelized in a mixture of butter and olive oil, the florets are then baked until they reach the desired consistency of being crisp yet tender. This is an excellent dish because you can use any spices you have on hand and still get great results. This is one of the many nice things about it.

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4. Sweet Potato Fries Prepared in an Air Fryer

Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries
Photo: feelgoodfoodie.net

Another one of the best side dishes for ham. Because they have fewer calories and less fat, sweet potato fries made in an air fryer are a healthier option than their deep-fried counterparts. Even though sweet potato fries are delicious no matter how they are made, using an air fryer gives them extra crispiness that makes them stand out from the other ways.

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5. Roasted Broccoli

Photo: thepioneerwoman.com

The texture of this supplementary meal is quite important. The broccoli is prepared by cooking it until it is fork-tender, and it tastes great when combined with parmesan and lemon wedges. By roasting broccoli, you can easily add healthy nutrients to your diet, like fiber, which helps keep your digestive system running smoothly and promotes good gut health.

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6. Macaroni and Cheese with Butternut Squash

Photo: skinnytaste.com

If you’re looking for delicious side dishes for ham then this might be the perfect choice for you. This healthier alternative to typical mac and cheese is made with butternut squash, and it is so decadent and gratifying that no one will ever suspect that it is actually good for you. This meal is the perfect accompaniment to salty ham because it conceals the butternut squash in a cheese and cream sauce that is seasoned with just a hint of thyme.

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7. Combo of Beans and Carrots

Combo of Beans and Carrots | Side dishes for ham
Photo: delish.com

This easy combination is ideal for times when you need a side dish that can be prepared in a flash. It goes excellent with steak, holiday ham, or vegan meatloaf, but if you’re a genuine vegetable enthusiast, you could probably finish the whole thing in one sitting by yourself.

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8. Carrots with Honey Glaze

Carrots with Honey Glaze
Photo: downshiftology.com

Using a honey glaze, you can transform regular carrots into a flavorful sweet, and savory side dish that is not only tasty but also incredibly addictive. All it takes is a few easy steps. The finest way to prepare carrots is to first coat them in a sweet and sticky sauce before roasting them in the oven. During the baking process, the honey and butter in the glaze will begin to caramelize, which will boost the status of regular carrots to that of a gourmet side dish.

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9. Risotto with Butternut Squash

Risotto with Butternut Squash
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Try out this risotto cooked with butternut squash for a warm and inviting fall meal with your loved ones. It is simple to prepare (there are only ten ingredients), and it has all of the cozy flavors that are associated with fall. Roasting the butternut squash is the first step in many recipes calling for it to be used in risotto.

Not in this circumstance. Because everything is cooked at the same time in the same pot, the butternut squash absorbs some of the flavors of the sauce as it cooks. The results are completely out of this world.

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9. Waffle Cut Potatoes

Waffle Cut Potatoes | Side dishes for Ham
Photo: Delish.com

Thinly sliced potatoes are roasted till golden brown, then topped with cheese, bacon, sour cream, and green onions to create these Hasselback potatoes. A simple yet powerful accompaniment that works great with both chicken and beef!

Swedish innovators created the Hasselback potato, elevating the ordinary baked potato to the level of culinary art. Half-cut fries are made by slicing potatoes lengthwise into long ribbons, which are then coated with oil or butter and baked until they are browned, crisp, and crunchy.

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10. Baked Ham with Potatoes in a Creamy Sauce

Photo: thepioneerwoman.com

This flavorful side dish is produced by coating one pound of cooked carrots in a honey-butter sauce that has a touch of spice. The sauce is delicious. If you want to keep the carrots from turning into mush, you should cook them in a separate pan from the glaze rather than combining the two ingredients in the same one.

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