45 Best Halloween Cake Ideas – Updated 2023

The guests at your Halloween party 2022 or potluck will be raving about these cakes long after the festivities have ended. For your Halloween dessert table, you really can’t go wrong with any of these cute and eerie cake ideas, which range from a graveyard mud cake to a forbidden forest cake and everywhere in between. Imagine how fantastic your assortment of Halloween cookies will look when displayed alongside a towering layer cake frosted to look like a spiderweb.

Sprinkles, frostings, and even meringue “bones” are utilized in imaginative ways to decorate the cakes in this collection. The collection is themed on Halloween. You shouldn’t let the menacing embellishments scare you off, because making these cakes is actually a lot of fun. You and the children might choose to decorate them as a way to celebrate Halloween and the holiday. Pick your favorite sweet treat from among several options, such as recipes for pumpkin pie, sheet cakes, trifles, and more.

1. Pumpkin Trifle

Halloween Cakes Ideas

This “trifle” is full of fall flavours. This spiced cake with gingersnap cookies, whipped pumpkin, and cream cheese filling is hard to believe. Get Recipe

2. Pumpkin Patch Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake

This cake is delicious any time of the year, but it becomes especially appropriate for the Halloween season when chocolate peanut butter pumpkins are added to the top. Get Recipe

3. Pumpkin Spice Cake

Pumpkin spice is in season during Halloween, so this cake idea is perfect for October. If you want sugary goodies, use lots of caramel glaze. Get Recipe

4. Spiderweb Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

Nothing can stand in the way of your undying love for chocolate cake, as evidenced by this wonderful cake. Nothing scares them, not even spiders. Get Recipe

5. Ghost Cake

Ghost meringues top this easy dessert. The red velvet cake idea is more Halloween-appropriate than chocolate. Ghost cookies might go well with the cake. Get Recipe

6. Spider Trifle

The combination of pumpkin mousse, chocolate cake, and Cool Whip in this Halloween trifle is simply divine. You couldn’t keep away from this autumn treat if you tried. Get Recipe

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7. Spiced Pumpkin-Molasses Cake

This very tasty cake doesn’t even need icing; just a smart stencil and some powdered sugar will do the trick. Get Recipe

8. Towering Haunted House Cake

Ready for the ultimate trick-or-treat baking challenge? One is here, and it’s satisfying. This frightening building is built from two cakes and all the trimmings. Get Recipe

9. Sneaky Snake Cake

Add venom to a round cake with a snake template and black nonpareils. You can buy a cake or make your own with the recipes below. Then print the guide and use it to trace the snake outline onto parchment. Cut parchment into a stencil using the template, then fill it with nonpareils. Get Recipe

10. Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

This Halloween, satisfy your cravings for both chocolate and pumpkin spice with a deliciously unique cake that’s perfect for any celebration. Get Recipe

11. Frankenstein Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

Creep out your guests with some food colouring in the vanilla cream cheese frosting and some spooky candies on top of these gigantic cinnamon swirl cakes. Get Recipe

12. Pumpkin Patch Cakes

Halloween Cakes Ideas

While you wait for It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown to start playing on the television, you may indulge in these delectable bite-sized snacks. Get Recipe

13. Moon Cake

A simple chocolate cake is given a festive Halloween spin when decorated with sugar cookies in the shape of bats. Get Recipe

14. Spider Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

You’ll need a cake mix from a box, some frosting from the shop, and some black sanding sugar to make this magnificent treat. You can get all of these ingredients at the grocery store. Get Recipe

15. Classic Chocolate Cake with Frosting Web

Halloween Cakes Ideas

Simply by inserting toothpicks into this classic chocolate cake, you can quickly change it into a terrifying Halloween dessert in under a minute. Get Recipe

16. Forbidden Forest Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

The mere sight of this dessert sends shivers up our spines. A marshmallow web forms the base, while spooky but delicious peanut butter-pretzel spiders serve as the finishing touch. Get Recipe

17. Pumpkin Cheesecake

If you dress it up with some caramel sauce, candied nuts, and whipped cream, this traditional pumpkin cheesecake may double as a tasty Halloween treat. Get Recipe

18. Salted Caramel Apple Cake

An apple cake with spices is perfect for the season. Add some spooky twigs to the caramel apples, and you’ve got a delicious Halloween to treat. Get Recipe

19. Skull Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

If you impress your pals with this Skull Cake, you’ve done something right. Create a sugar skull in honour of Dia de los Muertos, or decorate it in the style of a traditional skull. Get Recipe

20. Cookie Monster Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

Adding chopped Oreos to anything boosts the flavour, so this layer cake is the perfect holiday dessert. Even a beginner baker can do this. The ganache layer hides icing flaws. Get Recipe

21. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bundt Cake

We wouldn’t have it any other way, but this isn’t your typical light and airy Bundt cake; instead, it’s thick, dense, and oozing with peanut butter flavour. Get Recipe

22. Chocolate Haunted Forest Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

The perfect world would have all creepy crawlies constructed entirely of sugar. This chocolate cake is ideal for Halloween because of this very reason. Get Recipe

23. Pumpkin Spice Cake

Although this cake isn’t very scary, it is a beautiful (and tasty) way to commemorate the Halloween season thanks to its cream cheese filling and meringue topping. Get Recipe

24. Flourless Fudge Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

Are you hosting a Halloween party and need a gluten-free dish? Use white icing in eerie shapes to decorate this delightfully black cake. Get Recipe

25. Poison Apple Cake

You may give this sweet something spooky by finishing it off with a chocolate glaze and placing a “poisoned” apple on top of the green icing as a decoration. Get Recipe

26. Halloween Pumpkin Candy Pail Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

The younger generation will undoubtedly enjoy this candy that is both colourful and sweet. Get Recipe

27. Meringue Bone Palace Halloween Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

This spooky cake is sure to give your guests the willies. Add some “blood” in the form of berry coulis to the meringue bones for an added spooky touch. Get Recipe

28. Death by Chocolate Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

The chocolate in this cake is so decadent that it will make any chocoholic kill for it. The ultra-rich dark chocolate buttercream and cake crumbles sit on three layers of dense dark chocolate cake. Get Recipe

29. Meringue Bone Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

You don’t need to be quite so anxious. These bones were made out of a delectably airy type of meringue called meringue. Get Recipe

30. Spiderweb Cake

This stunning Halloween cake is brought to life with layers of buttercream in an orange taste. The creepiness of the atmosphere is amplified by the installation of spider web pipework. Get Recipe

31. Graveyard Cake

Your insatiable desire for chocolate will finally be satisfied thanks to the espresso-flavored base of this cake and the bittersweet chocolate icing that tops it. Get Recipe

32. Double Chocolate Bundt

Halloween Cakes Ideas

For an extra boost of cocoa flavour and to keep the adults alert for a long night of trick-or-treating, use the strong brewed coffee in the cake mixture and frosting. Get Recipe

33. Spiced Pumpkin-Molasses Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

The face of the welcoming jack-o’-lantern that adorns this reassuring pumpkin cake is created with sprinkles made of confectioners’ sugar. Get Recipe

34. Creepy Halloween Cake

Halloween Cakes Ideas

This mouthwatering cake will have your visitors pleading with you for more of it. Get Recipe

35. Halloween Candy Cake

Maybe the simplest cake recipe you’ll cook all holiday! Use any leftover Halloween treats as a garnish on top. Wow, that’s some delicious candy. Get Recipe

36. Monster Eye Cake

This googly-eyed cake is a treat for amateur and professional bakers alike. Large and little chocolate sandwich cookies, icing, and Junior Mints go into its construction. Get Recipe

37. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake

When you cut into this pumpkin spice cake, you’ll discover a surpriseβ€”chocolate chips hidden everywhere throughout the batter. Get Recipe

38. Snake Cake

This snake-shaped rice crispy treat is so simple to put together, but it will make your Halloween party the talk of the town. Get Recipe

39. Halloween Cat Cake

It is in your best interest to seek out a meeting with this shadowy black cat. You’ll be purring with delight as you take a bite of this scrumptious chocolate cake, ganache, and buttercream filling. Get Recipe

40. Coffin Cake

Because it is covered in so many thick layers of cream cheese icing, this pumpkin loaf cake is designed to look like a mummified mummy. Get Recipe

41. Monster Mash Cake

This green cake with black frosting is the perfect alternative to the traditional orange Halloween dessert. Green, purple, and black sprinkles in the shape of monsters are included. Get Recipe

42. Graveyard Dirt Cake

Create a creepy graveyard by placing cookie tombstones and candy pumpkins on top of a traditional dirt cake. Both making and eating them are plenty of pleasure. Get Recipe

43. Spider Web Cheesecake

This cheesecake is pure decadence from its chocolate crumb crust to its luscious mocha fudge inside. Make spider webs in a unique way and add a spooky twist for Halloween. Get Recipe

44. Skeleton Cake

This creepy cookies-and-cream cake will give you chills down to your toes. Simply make use of white chocolate and Halloween candy molds to create a tasty skeleton decoration. Get Recipe

45. Giant Mummy Cookie Cake

This monstrous biscuit is decorated like a Halloween mummy with white cream cheese icing in crisscross patterns. It’s perfect for midnight munchies. Get Recipe

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