Air Fryer Chicken Recipes

25 Best Air Fryer Chicken Recipes: Updated January 2023

You’ll be able to get back to enjoying dinner after consulting this list of the best chicken recipes for the air fryer. You can prepare keto chicken, keto wings, fried chicken, breaded chicken, and even whole chicken with your ketogenic diet. The fact that every piece of chicken is cooked to perfection is the most important aspect.

They are juicy and soft, and the exterior of some of them even has an extra crunchy texture. In total, there are 24 distinct chicken recipes that may be cooked in an air fryer, and we have collected a list of all of them. Here are several choices; select the one that appeals to you the most, and get to work!

1. Air Fryer Grilled Chicken Breasts

Because they take so little time to prepare and are so easy to make, the golden and juicy Air Fryer Chicken Tenders are the perfect choices for a meal on a weeknight. It is possible to put all the fixings of a loaded baked potato on top of chicken tenders that have been cooked in an air fryer. These fixings include cheese, potatoes, bacon, sour cream, and chives. The kids are going to go crazy for this dish because of how easy it is to make and how delicious it is.

2. Air Fryer Roasted Chicken Thighs

This recipe for chicken thighs cooked in an air fryer results in meat that is both tender and juicy on the inside when prepared according to the instructions. The paprika and the garlic in this dish both have a very distinct flavour. The following recipes for the air fryer will not let you down when it comes to chicken.

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3. Crispy Chicken Thighs with Maple Syrup

These air-fried maple chicken thighs have crispy skin that has been caramelized with maple, and the meat inside is flavorful and juicy. These are the best chicken thigh recipes that you can make in the air fryer. The chicken thighs are first marinated in a mixture of maple syrup and buttermilk, and then they are cooked in an air fryer to get a crispy texture.

4. Grilled Chicken Breaded with Buttermilk

Fried chicken made with buttermilk and prepared in an air fryer is the realization of a long-held culinary dream. What could possibly be more delicious than succulent chicken encased in a coating that is both crunchy and flaky, and that also has the spiciness of hot sauce and the creaminess of buttermilk infused into it? When preparing food with an air fryer, it is both speedy and good for you. Buttermilk fried chicken is a delicious and healthier alternative to traditional oil-fried chicken.

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5. Roasted Wings Prepared in an Air Fryer

Because they were cooked in an air fryer, the skin of these chicken wings is perfectly salty and crunchy, while the wings themselves have a muted flavour that is reminiscent of garlic and lemon pepper. These are seasoned to perfection and can be ready in a flash; there is no need to marinate them first.

6. Tacos made from air-fried chicken

A simple and quick meal that can be made in a short amount of time is taco pockets cooked in an air fryer. The best parts of taco night rolled up in a pillowy crescent roll and air-fried to a golden crisp! These taco sandwiches made with crescent dough are absolutely delicious, and we can’t get enough of them. At any time of the day, you can make them into a filling meal by pairing them with a broth-based soup or a crisp salad and serving them together.

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7. Breaded Chicken Cutlets

The crunchiness of these baked chicken tenders will alter your life in every way possible. When baking breaded chicken, first toast the breadcrumbs to achieve a crust that is golden brown and a texture that is crisper. These are hands down the superior option when weighed against chicken nuggets. The most exciting part? The recipe is as uncomplicated as it gets. My go-to is chicken tenderloins, but sliced chicken breasts would work just as well in this recipe as well.

8. Crispy Chicken Breasts Prepared in an Air Fryer

Blackened chicken cooked in the air fryer is quick, simple, and bursting with flavour. You should use this for your standard meal preparation. It takes no time at all to prepare, yet it tastes great and only uses healthy, complete ingredients. The versatility of this chicken makes it ideal for prepping multiple meals at once. It’s a versatile source of protein that goes well in a variety of dishes, including sandwiches, crisp wraps, salads, pasta, and even on its own.

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9. Air-Fryer Lemon Chicken Thighs

It’s like I’m having Sunday dinner all over again with these chicken thighs cooked in lemon and in the air fryer. Because of the herb butter and the lemon, the chicken has an exceptionally flavorful and juicy texture. If you do not have access to an air fryer, you can cook the chicken in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes.

10. Air-Fried Thai Chicken Meatballs

In the air fryer, lean ground chicken, Panko breadcrumbs, spices, and sweet chili sauce are combined to make meatballs that are not only high in protein but also low in calories. They can be put together in a snap, in just thirty minutes.

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11. Air Fryer Chicken Thigh Schnitzel

Recipe for Air Fryer Chicken Thigh Schnitzel, a dish that is simple, delectable, and appropriate for consumption on any day of the week. Chicken thighs are pounded into thin cutlets, then breaded, and then air-fried to achieve the desired combination of a crispy exterior and a tender interior.

12. Air Fryer Sesame Chicken Thighs

The amount of time needed to prepare it is only five minutes. A simple combination of sesame oil, soy sauce, honey, rice vinegar, and Sriracha can be used to quickly and easily season thighs. The exterior is crunchy, while the interior is juicy and tender.

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13. Air Fryer BBQ Stuffed Chicken

This stuffed chicken dish is absolutely mouthwatering thanks to its delectable cream cheese filling, barbecue sauce, and crispy bacon. Everything is cooked in an air fryer from start to finish! Because preparing the chicken is not only simple but also very tasty, you will have no trouble getting it ready for your guests in a timely manner.

14. Air-Fryer Chicken Pesto Stuffed Peppers

If you’re looking for air fryer chicken dishes that are wholesome, can be prepared in a short amount of time, and taste great, this dish is the one for you. With this recipe, you can make traditional stuffed peppers in a fraction of the time using the ease of cooking them in an air fryer without compromising any of the flavour.

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15. Air Fryer Chicken Parmesan

This chicken parmesan air fryer recipe is perfect for a weeknight meal because it is fast, simple, and tastes great all at the same time. It has the same level of crispiness as the original, if not an even higher level!

16. Air Fried Buffalo Chicken

You can quickly and easily prepare chicken breasts in a buffalo style by using an air fryer. These chicken breasts will be both nutritious and delectable after they have been prepared in this manner. Buffalo sauce can be bought in stores, or it can be made at home with only three ingredients using the same name. A delicious meal that can be put together in about twenty minutes.

17. Mexican-Style Air Fryer Stuffed Chicken Breasts

For a quick and simple dinner during the week, chicken breasts are stuffed with vegetables and spices, then air-fried after the stuffing has been prepared. The chicken breasts, which have been stuffed with spicy vegetables, are given a little over ten minutes of cooking time in an air fryer, during which time they become tender and juicy. Serve with warm tortillas and fresh pico de gallo as an accompaniment.

18. Air Fryer Crispy Curry Chicken Legs

Drumsticks that are cooked in an air fryer keep their moisture and flavour even as the outside of the drumsticks become crisp. For an even hotter curry, you can spice it up with some crushed red pepper flakes in addition to the curry powder. They are delicious when paired with chicken seasoned rice and broccoli that has been boiled.

19. Air-Fryer Chicken Piccata Pockets

I have no doubt that Chicken Piccata will become one of your favourite meals because of how delicious it is. When baked in a puff pastry pocket with some cream cheese, it turned out to be quite wonderful. This could be a nice option to what you’re looking for if you’re searching for the greatest chicken recipes to make in an air fryer.

20. Air Fryer Ranch Chicken Nuggets

The Ranch Chicken Nuggets made in the Air Fryer are a chicken dish that is sure to please a large group of people. These nuggets are air fried, making them a more nutritious alternative to choices that are deep-fried without compromising any of their flavour. Serve with a dipping sauce of your choosing, such as ranch, honey mustard, or chipotle mayonnaise, and if you like, you can even make your own!

21. Air-Fried Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breasts

This sophisticated chicken dinner can be ready in about half an hour if you start it right away. chicken breasts that have been air-fried and stuffed with cheese and asparagus, and then wrapped in bacon.

22. Air Fryer Honey-Cajun Chicken Thighs

The following is a recipe for spicy and delicious chicken thighs that were prepared in an air fryer. After soaking them in buttermilk and dredging them in a spicy flour mixture, chicken thighs are then air-fried.

23. Air-Fryer Fajita-Stuffed Chicken

In your brand-new air fryer, you should try your hand at making stuffed chicken breasts with fajita fixings. This dish is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. If you’re having trouble deciding what to make for dinner, I hope you give this recipe a try and that you enjoy it.

24. Air-Fryer Almond Chicken

The coating on these chicken tenders is made of almond flour and parmesan, and they are cooked in an air fryer until they are golden and crispy. It won’t take you more than a quarter of an hour to prepare this crowd-pleaser.

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