Here's What A.I Suggested About LA's Top 10 Foods

LA is famous for its tacos, with many delicious options available. Some popular places to try include Guisados, Tacos Leo, and El Chato.


This fast-food chain is a California icon, serving up delicious burgers and fries. Try the secret menu for extra fun!

2. In-N-Out Burger

Many LA eateries serve great Korean BBQ. Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong, Genwa Korean BBQ, and Park's BBQ are popular.

3. Korean BBQ

LA boasts the freshest and best sushi due to its beach proximity. Matsuhisa, Sugarfish, and Sushi Gen are popular.

4. Sushi

LA's massive burritos are filled with meat, beans, rice, and other goodies. Burrito La Palma, Al & Bea's, and Tito's Tacos are popular options.

5. Burritos

LA boasts the best Thai food outside of Thailand due to its massive Thai community. Jitlada, Night+Market, and Pok Pok LA are popular spots.

6. Thai Food

LA's inventive and delectable donut scene is unmatched. Randy's, Donut Friend, and California Donuts are popular choices.

7. Donuts

Many food trucks and stalls in LA serve tasty, inventive food. Weekends at Smorgasburg provide several alternatives.

8. Streeet Foods

Poke is popular throughout California, and LA has the greatest. PokΓ©works, Sweetfin Poke, and Mainland Poke Store are popular options.

9. Poke

LA loves avocado toast, and many cafΓ©s and restaurants provide it. Sqirl, Gjusta, and Bluestone Lane are recommended.

10. Avacoado Toast